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The following questions have been scrutinized from the list of information that the users/members often ask regarding usage and various other aspects of website, in case you have any problem with search related and /or other matters, write to the helpdesk mail id(S) or refer to the following FAQ

  1. Why should I Register with Sri Sai Vadu-Vara matrimony [] & what are the benefits?
    • We are unique in our matrimony services.
    • is the most authenticated service provider where in you get Verified Matrimonial profiles.
    • Registered paid Members will get top services and benefits.
    • We render Top Up services which is very valuable and time saving (refer About us).
    • Saves time, efforts & money.
    • Create your personal profile so that other prospective matches know about you and can contact.
    • You can create a preferred match profile of your prospective life partner to ease your partner search.
    • You can upload your photographs & horoscope to your profile to increase responses .
    • You can save profiles for future reference .
    • You can send personalized messages to profiles you like.
    • You can avoid calling/meeting relatives to look for profiles matching yours.
    • We pay attention of privacy settings of the members.

  2. How to register as a member with your website of
    a)The member/user agrees to post his/her profile in our website, on the home page go to register and fill out the required details with your “e-mail ID” and “Pass word”, in the respective boxes click on the Submit button.
    b) You can visit Our Office during office working hours and fill the membership form and submit with registration fees.

  3. How Can I register a profile on behalf of a relative / friend / sibling?
    In fact it is very common, number of profiles being registered by parents, siblings, relatives and friends. In the registration form you can specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you are registering. All correspondence from interested prospects will be sent to the email address that you will specify in your registration form.

  4. How do I login?
    On the homepage , go to ‘ member Login’ section , enter your ‘ profile Id /email id (provided at the time of registration) and ‘password ‘ in the respective boxes and click on the ‘Login’ button to login to your account

  5. Did my registration, but unable to login?
    All new profile will be validated by our Admin (Backend Team) and upon activation; your profile will be visible to all,Verification of profiles is done manually. Our support team checks each and every profile carefully for any invalid or incorrect information and also candidates are contacted over the phone for confirmation of authority. You will get a notification once the profile is active.

  6. How can I upgrade my free membership to paid and what are the payment options?
    We provide various options for upgrading your membership in membership page. Choose the right package for you , make payment through NEFT / DD / pay cash by visiting to our office, please inform your payment details along with Profile Id to activate

  7. What is the Eligibility of age to register on Sri SaiVadu-Vara matrimony?
    Currently, 18 years or over for females and 21 years or over for males

  8. What is Profile ID?
    Profile id is unique ID which you will receive after successful completion of your matrimonial info in unique ID/Profile ID will be picked on random basis.

  9. I completed my registration, but my profile does not show up in the website?
    Please be sure that you have saved all the inputs what you have entered in In case if you have missed saving option after inputting the data, there might be possibility that your info is not saved. Most of the times after completion of your registration in

  10. Can I change e-mail ID on my profile?
    Yes, you can change the e-mail ID that you have registered with us anytime. Click on "update Profile" option in "My Profile" page Select from various sections of profile information you wish to edit, Once e-mail id is updated on the website then it gets recorded in our database and cannot be used again even after deleting the profile.

  11. How do I share the news of my marriage on Sri SaiVadu-Vara matrimony?
    You can share your marriage story in Successful stories tab.

  12. How do I change / edit my profile?
    You can easily edit your profile, Login to your account (profile page) and click on the 'update Profile' tab on the profile page for making changes to your profile. Once you have made the changes click 'update'

  13. How do I contact a member?
    You can use the TAB ‘Send Personalized Mail’ available on the profile page of a member whom you wish to contact

  14. Can I bookmark/ add to favorites a Profile?
    Yes, you can,it’s a useful feature to make a note of the interested profiles. You need to be logged in to use the bookmark/ add to favoritesfeature.

  15. How do I delete Shortlisted profiles?
    View matching partner profile in profile page, mouse over toright side of particular profile and block that profile, once you block that profile you cannot see that profile permanently

  16. How do I delete my profile?
    Login to your account (profile page) and click on the 'delete button' tab on the profile page Select Delete tab. Once POP open click on OK for the 'Permanently Delete your Profile' ,In case you have found your partner through, we will be happy if you share your success story with us or any other reason please indicate to improve our services in feedback form

  17. How can check partner profile details?
    In your profile page, select matching partner profile or basic search or advanced search check profiles appearing on the screen click on more details to view complete profile

  18. How can I change the visibility option?
    Login to profile page and click on the 'update Profile' tab, for making changes to your profile. Once you have made the changes click 'update'

  19. What is the size & type of photograph I have to provide?
    We prefer latest photograph in half and bright (1mb),

  20. How many photographs can be added on the profile?
    You can upload up to 3 photos in your profile. Srisvv.comprovides you the different Schemes to add photographs at the time of registration plans in which you can choose the ideal one for you or any time you can avail the option as per our terms.

  21. Is my personal information safe?
    Please read our privacy policy

  22. If I come across any technical issue whom should I get in touch with?
    You can write an email to us, or fill in feedback form; we will rectify your issue at an earliest.