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Safety and Security Tips

To the esteemed members at Sri Sai Vadu-Vara Matrimony, Wedding is one of the much anticipated events in a person's life, and it is common, for a couple who have joined in wedlock. Before you start your search for Bride/Groom, you have to take care of the following things for the perfect matrimonial match. Keep in mind, marriage is not just for today or tomorrow but for life and for the primary purpose of building a family. Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to protect your privacy. The steps that we have taken at our end are the ones that fall within our reach and control. Sri Sai Vadu-Vara Matrimony is committed to the safety and security of our members and do all we can to protect members privacy.

  1. Acceptance of Privacy Statement

  2. Your use of Website, including any dispute concerning privacy, is subject to this privacy statement and the Terms and Conditions of Service.

  3. Keep Your Family involved

  4. The wedding brings two families together rather than just two people. Marriages happen between two families not only between two individual. It is best to keep your family informed about what you are up to and involve them in decision making to be safe.

  5. Keep your identity confidential

  6. With any online matrimonial listing service; anonymity (confidentiality of identity) is necessary. Just think about it. Would you ever give out your phone number or address to strangers walking on the street? Certainly not, Then, is it wise to reveal your contact information to the millions of strangers surfing the web? Try to remain absolutely unidentified until you fully confidence that person. It's okay to take your time.

  7. Confidentiality of the Details of Your Login

  8. If your profile’s access gets caught by the wrong people, there are ample of chances that your profile might be misused. Therefore, it is very important to keep your login details protective as your profile is fully your responsibility.

  9. Request for a photograph

  10. A photograph adds a face to the Profile you are getting to know. In most cases, a photograph does help you to picture the person you are communicating with. Additionally, it immediately allows you to judge the truthfulness of a person's physical description about himself / herself as mentioned in his/her profile.

  11. Phone Conversation

  12. A phone call can reveal a lot about a person's communication and social skills. Thus, it is worth to call up someone you are trying to know. This step should be taken after you are thoroughly satisfied with online conversation (email, chat) with the person and want to go a step ahead. Do not give out your own/work phone number to the person you are calling up for the first time. It takes time to develop trust. Only once you have gained sufficient information to satisfy yourself that you are definitely interested in the person, should you furnish your phone number. Also, call unexpectedly once in a while. The response you get from the other person can be very informative.

  13. Personal Financial details

  14. Be cautious in your communication and take your time in getting to know the person you're interested in. Don't give out very personal details like credit card and bank account information. Watch out for people who ask unwanted questions or vague about their answers. You can recognize a money scam when members ask for money. Beware of such people and do not pay anything for visa purposes or any such issues. Never discuss financial matters with someone you just met and hardly know. It could be highly unsafe.

  15. Why your safety is also your responsibility?

  16. Getting married is a lifetime decision and no one can determine what's best for you than yourself, so it's also your responsibility to ensure your own safety and take precautionary steps.

  17. Your first meeting -- meet in a safe place

  18. Unless you are confident about the person, do not agree to meet the person alone. If it's your first meet, prefer public places (such as a Temples, Malls and restaurant / Coffee Shop, at a time when many people are around, rather than private places like movie or park and ensure your own transportation to and from. Make sure you inform your family or friends before about the place you are going to meet and the approximate time, when you will be back. For the first meeting it is always good not to meet the other person alone. Take a friend or relative along and ask him/her to do the same.

  19. Verifications before engagement

  20. When you are about to take final decision, kindly do verify the personal details of other person. Do not rush for engagement without verification, even if you receive marriage proposals through your relatives or friends or local matchmakers.

    • Get reference details from the prospective bride/groom; contact them to check about the bride/groom.
    • Speak to your relatives / friends to check whether they have any relatives residing near to the prospective bride/groom's city; ask their help to verify the details.
    • To check with the prospective bride/groom take help of any Agency, they will try to contact the prospective bride/groom for checking details, such as marital status, employment, behavior, family information etc.

  21. Reporting Violation

  22. You can bring up a violation to our notice by simply notifying or e-mailing us

  23. Reporting Violation & Identity

  24. Revealing your identity is compulsory when reporting, nevertheless, from our end your details will be kept as a secret and will not be given to the offender. If you have divulged your information voluntarily to such offender, there is nothing that we could do.

    We make it clear once again that we do not have any branch or any working arrangement with anyone or recommend any alliance to anyone. For quicker settlement of marriage we also publish profiles with Horoscopes & Photos.